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Before borehole drilling can begin MVS Borehole Surveyors/diviner will need to distinguish a little about the geology of the area. This will give MVS Drilling Solutions an idea of the soil formation of ground we will be drilling through, how deep the water table is in the particular area and how deep we may have to drill down to. All we need to do this is your postcode, once we have checked the geology and hydrology of the area MVS Drilling Solutions will make a no obligation visit to your site to survey or dowse water to find the best location to drill a borehole.

Dowsing for water in addition to predicting the position where water may be successfully found a good borehole water surveyor can also indicate its portability, depth, volume, pressure and the sort of geological strata that will have to be drilled through to reach the water source. Whilst most customers have some idea of water lying underground as a water table, diviners and dowsers are also able to pinpoint water lying in subversive streams or aquifers when adjacent drilling would only be into dry rock.

The borehole surveyor will use a machine or V Rod, traditionally made from a forked twig of hazel, apple and willow, but can be made up from any springy material such as wood, cane, plastic or metal. The surveyor will take a few things into account when finding the best location to drill on your site. These will include access to electricity, any drainage or a cesspit nearby and any overhead cables that may be a danger whilst drilling.

We also have borehole surveying machine for borehole electrical survey for in case If you are of the disbelieving type and you are not going to believe that a nut case with sticks is going to find your water, or if Water Borehole Quotes Some things are true, whether or not we choose to believe. Borehole Customer Quotes

South African sites are on very difficult geology, then you may prefer to use a full (Geological Survey) Prognosis Report. The report will initially determine the viability, stratum and hydrogeological formations and if any are likely to contain water and an indication of the depth most likely to find a suitable supply.

We would like to point out that, although a Geological Prognosis highlights potential problems and Environmental considerations, it does not guarantee success. It may take as long as three weeks to receive the report, although we can do this for you if you require it. For the current cost of a geological Report and for more information in obtaining a report, visit the link https://www.boreholesurvey.co.za/

“We couldn't believe how accurate your diviner was! He was right about the depth and the amount of water! Borehole Customer Quotes”

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